The Entrepreneur Behind the Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Entrepreneur Behind the Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike

Excy Bike

How many times have you heard that someone had broken their leg, which led them to a brilliant entrepreneurial idea?

We’re assuming the answer is close to zero. Well, today, we’re going to change that number with a story about Michele Mehl.

Michele comes from Seattle and she has an amazing and inspiring entrepreneurial story to tell.

Essentially, she was about to launch Excy’s very first portable exercise bike when she went rollerblading and got severely injured.

While going through a complex recovery, she realized how to make her product help others that were in the same situation. As a matter of fact, she made a decision to shift her idea into building a bike that would help people bounce back from an injury.

That meant completely reshaping the target market and the focus of Excy.

How Michele Started Working on the Idea

During many months of tiring physical therapy and having to rely on caregivers, Michele was able to get a taste of what’s it like to live with an injury. In fact, there’s no other way to know how it is to live with disability, pain and disease until you feel it yourself.

After finding out herself how difficult it was to recover from an injury, Michele knew that she had to rethink her company.

That’s why she used all the time she had on her hands while being stuck in bed for months. She dedicated herself to designing a 14-lbs rehabilitation system.

The rehabilitation system Michele invented can be used for both upper and lower body cycling. On top of that, it works with a mobile app that accompanies it.

The Final Product

The final product is a combination of a recumbent exercise bike, a resistance machine, and an upper body ergometer. This product is the ultimate piece of equipment for physical therapy. And, on top of that, it’s portable, app-compatible and available to everyone.

Basically, with it, you’ll be able to do a light workout from nearly any chair. It works so well because of that. There will be no sitting discomfort for your lower body since you’ll be using the chair as your seating surface. In addition to that, you can make yourself more comfortable by adding an extra pillow.

What’s more, the bike goes so smoothly and makes no noise at all! That means that you can cycle anytime and anywhere, without worrying that you’ll disturb someone.

It’s noise-free, helpful and fun! You can include all of your family members and let them give it a try. It’s the perfect way to throw in a workout even when you’re busy doing something else.

Recumbent Versus Upright Bike

Upright bikes spin bikes for home use are perfect for those who are really into cycling. But mostly, they are good for those who don’t suffer from back problems.

If you are on the lookout for a good cardio workout, there’s no way of beating the upright bike.

However, for those who prefer comfort over cardio, we’d definitely recommend going with a recumbent bike. A recumbent exercise bike will help you burn the calories without straining yourself.