What Is a TreadClimber and What Are the Benefits?

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What Is a TreadClimber and What Are the Benefits?


Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a gym is familiar with at least a few gym machines such as the treadmill, the elliptical, the stair climber, etc.

These machines are pretty standard, and we can find them in almost every gym. If you have a gym membership, we are sure that you have used these machines multiple times.

But are you familiar with the Bowfelx TreadClimber? If you haven’t, it’s high time that we told you all about it. There are numerous Bowflex TreadClimber reviews online for a good reason.

This one of a kind hybrid cardio machine combines the benefits of all three traditional gym machines.

By doing that, it allows you to burn more calories faster, which is its main advantage. Moreover, one of the greatest strengths of this machine is the cardio benefit it provides. By using it regularly, you can improve your HDL cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and lower the risk of heart disease.

The TreadClimber combines a smooth elliptical motion with the stepping effect of a stair climber and the forward motion of a treadmill.

That means you can do more in less time. Plus, there will be very little impact on your joints (which is inevitable when you use a treadmill).

Burn More Calories in Less Time and Tone Your Muscles

Losing weight and getting fit isn’t easy; so wouldn’t it be great if we could speed up the whole process? That’s exactly what the TreadClimber provides — better results in less time. And we could all use some extra time in our daily lives, wouldn’t we?

Since the TreadClimber puts your body’s largest muscle groups to work, you will burn calories at an increased rate.

Actually, if you worked out on a treadmill at the same resistance level and the same speed, you would need 50% more time to burn the same number of calories you burn on the TreadClimber.

So even if you use your TreadClimber at a lower speed, it will help you burn more calories than a standard gym machine would.

Also, since it stimulates walking uphill, the TreadClimber is great for toning the muscles in your legs. All major muscle groups in your legs — your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves are constantly working when you are on the TreadClimber.

Therefore, with regular use, you can expect those muscles to quickly become toned.

Incline walking

More Variety — Increased Motivation

Doing the same motion over and over again can seem monotonous; in fact, that could make you less eager to exercise regularly. Luckily the TreadClimber is all about variety. Its 3-in-1 function makes the most of each workout, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it the same way every time.

Whenever you feel like changing the pace of your workout, you can use the TreadClimber as a plain treadmill or a stair climber; all you need to do is make a few minor adjustments.

By shutting the power off and selecting a hydraulic intensity setting, you’ll get yourself a stair climber. Another option is using it as a treadmill on a 10% incline. You can do that by locking the two treadles together and switching the power on.

Choose Both the Speed and Resistance Levels

All modern gym machines offer a variety of resistance levels. TreadClimber, however, allows you to control both the resistance levels and the speed. There are 12 different resistance levels, which means the machine is suitable for both beginners and those who are already fit.

The great news is that you can start slow and keep moving up to more intense workouts as you grow stronger. When it comes to the speed, you can begin at a comfortable 0.5 mph and go all the way to 4.5 mph.

The TreadClimber will make you work for the results. However, you still have an opportunity to start very slowly and gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts over time.

Is the TreadClimber Right for Me?

The motion this 3-in-1 machine features is smooth, but that doesn’t mean you will get hold of it from the very first moment. In fact, it might take a while until you start to feel comfortable using it. You’ll need to concentrate on your balance and gait in order for the motion to feel natural.

In addition, you need to be prepared to work hard. While the TreadClimber does burn more calories in less time and provides a highly effective workout, that doesn’t mean you will get miraculous results. You won’t have to put in a lot of time, but you will definitely need to put some effort.

If you are having doubts about the TreadClimber, consider other options as well. For instance, a cross trainer might be a better fit for you.

A good cross trainer provides a full-body workout, which could also help you get stronger and lose weight. Plus, cross trainers are great for those who want to protect their joints and prevent injuries too.